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Let's Define a Woman - Seersgate

Women Pastors: Did I Grant It?


April 19, 2023

12:13 a.m.


Yahweh is leading:


What am I going to do about women pastors, servant? I gave you ways of growing in your early training that dealt with women in pastor positions, but is it really My will for women to be in a Pastor office placement? You know the answer, and it took you over one natural year to agree with Me. We will give the people a mini eBook sharing My way of viewing this very divisive strategy of Satan causing a breaking of the Church’s placing. Satan’s workers are walking under one order, yet My Body is breaking away from My will. Say all We give you. Bring My Body under Kingdom order, no longer under the curse. I have to prove you so they will take My word as authoritative.


I will not wait to say it: women are not given, based on Paul’s standing, the placement of the “Pastor” office. But I will tell the Body the root way to hear this order and bring it clearly to My whole Bride. I will make it plain what Yahweh yields. Power to give reasonings in great seeing ways is a true sign gift.

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