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Who knows Yahweh's mind but Yahweh? But is there a way to actively engage Yahweh and get His perspective on some issues? Yes! Yahweh's written Word gives a clear understanding of Kingdom order and walking in the statutes Yahweh provides. We understand that some do not understand the ins and outs of talking with Yahweh, especially with so much conflict within the Church itself; all these denominations and ways of doing things bring a lot of confusion, with rituals and regurgitated understanding taking the lead. But what if Yahweh still chooses to speak regardless of what the Christian culture would say? And what if Yahweh has an opinion, a governing way of leading? An active way. Shouldn't we take a look? Let's seek Yahweh together.

Jesus is God Yahweh

The Great Holy Spirit is God Yahweh

Father God is Yahweh

You Must Be Born Again!

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