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Yahweh is angry with the people; some major seeing is taking way. Yahweh wants to bring course corrections to the way.


The Witch, the Satan Worker, the Deceiver, and My Other Enemies


January 17, 2024

8:57 a.m.




My rebuke is going to be multifold. With your way of looking, servant, based on the way you style your hair, they would think you are either black, mixed-race, or Hispanic. But take a way to look; you are also European. Put your main DNA percentages here.




AFRICA (55.4 %)

Nigerian – 33.3 %

Sierra Leonean – 19.0 %

Kenyan – 3.1 %


EUROPE (35.6 %)

Scandinavian – 26.1 % 

Balkan – 5.8 %

Italian – 2.4 %

Baltic – 1.3 %


ASIA (9 %)

West Asian – 7.7 %

Inuit – 1.3 %




There is no ill way in what you will give. You are a mixed-race person, carrying the look of those other races in presentation, but your natural dad, by DNA, is a white man, and it doesn’t matter what is on the skin part that you wear concerning what We give you to present to the people. Servant, be content to look this way. We made you a mixed way so you can build up the work with all races. And your Asian heritage will come out in a powerful way. Tell them all that Yahweh would bring you. Do not hold back from saying what Yahweh wills.


With this person mentioned, Yahweh will show a plan of understanding so that all would have an order not based on secondhand hearing from social media. I did actually say that I took that prophet. And why would I label him as a man with the title of a prophet? He is in the delegated office placement without a repentant plan needed to have the layout within—the wiring to be a prophet—yet he would have the ability to drink, receive, or take in his hearing and seeing from demons.


Seersgate, a person can be a prophet yet turn away. The upgrading within that person can still lead them to have spiritual engagement from any spirit, not only with angels. How do I show what a person in the prophet office placement can take on? Bring up your notes in the understanding of what the prophet’s spirit deals with.

(Excerpts are not given on that topic.)





How does this relate to the prophet Joshua, who died? This is to show that a person may carry an enablement to be an office prophet but turn in their continuing service to Yahweh and go to worship false gods. See it clearly. I say My great will many years ahead, but the Church will not hear Me until they see people tell their version in a documentary. Why didn’t they seek Me out for wisdom and discernment? Why do they make social media videos to give their opinion about how a dead person acted? Isn’t that a form of cowardice?


To wait for the person to die or to wait for a documentary to be released before stating something is to say your way of guided thinking, for most will not say you knew of the dead man’s nature until a crowd came forward and made their statements about a dead man who I took.


Now, see how these influencers all flock in groups. They follow each other and label it as having wisdom. Seersgate, where is the real seeing and hearing placement in Yahweh? The Church is like a flock of blind ones. One after another, they share their opinion. They bring their thoughts to the table. If Yahweh gives His leading to prepare the people for an evil worker, then there must be sayings to give awareness. They act in hindered ways of spiritual seeing and operate in low ways of discernment.


If real servants knew of the level of deception that came from that dead prophet, and you kept it in your private chamber, only sharing the wisdom with your friends, how can I give you real ways to prepare the Church of others who are bringing heresies and deception into the Church? If you hear Me say to go and warn the Church, but you go and share the wisdom with your own inner circle and keep it in your little group, how can I give you real work that will build and cover those under your influence? I will not look at your sayings that you knew with any worth when you do not warn the others.


Those on that media outlet mentioned they were afraid of that dead prophet’s so-called power. Yahweh will not give God-level traits to any human. Yahweh gives impartation of His placements to do the work through a human. But no office-level worker is above being put in their place when they are in rebellion, moving against Yahweh, doing what they feel is right in their own eyes.


If that dead man is sitting in Yahweh’s will, would Yahweh bring contradiction, confusion, and a turning to seek to worship the created? Would Yahweh bring honor through His word, using the one who stays in the sinful living? I will honor the COVENANT, and through death, I will take those who live in continual sin in office work, shaming the work, bringing a way of disgust, hurting and bringing Me dishonor, misusing the name of Yahweh. If the dead man operated in Yahweh’s power, would there be a reason to fear dealing with him when he lived in natural ways? If the dead man carried My power, I would not let fear take over when there is a need to bring correction or a course adjustment.


I bring rebuke and a course correction in ten days. Servant, your way will take in this major report and yield it in a presentation form as a catalyst. Yield this section as a warning of what’s coming—just this. Let’s prepare. You will no longer wait for these social media workers who give their opinions after the fact. Stand up, prophets of Yahweh. The office is still an active placement, and I will back up My workers as judges in this judgment of the Church.

Letter One: Scapegoat Kathryn

Letter One: Scapegoat Kathryn

January 25, 2024



Yahweh warned you. The people see it, yet they are enamored by her way of smiles and gentle speech. But what did Yahweh show you? But what did Yahweh present? A demon under the fake mask of smiles and love. “God bless you,” she says as they bow down to her. How dare they?! How dare these people embrace a human in place of Yahweh? How dare they?!


Yahweh will not allow anyone to take His glory. No one can be placed up on a pedestal and take the place of Yahweh. No one can deliver you but Yahweh. The idol worship must stop. Putting these preachers up on pedestals must be dealt with.


Yahweh gives grace for a little longer, but now Yahweh is looking to bring judgment. The love of Yahweh is not diminished. Love is also shown in correction and judgment. What needs to happen for the church followers to depart from her way? Should there be a greater pouring out of some form of action, something that makes people want to take a look and say, “Hey, wow, look, there is greater power over here”?


Doesn’t anyone see that John the Baptist was a great prophet yet displayed no power? He followed Yahweh’s commands—a servant, serving Yahweh until death—no separating and no wavering to worship false lowercase gods.


The idolatry in the Church must be dealt with. The way of judgment must come. Yahweh, what is Your great will?



I will judge all the churches that say they worship Yahweh. I will look upon them and will start taking away whatever covenant they carried and will take it to the lowly servants who stand with Yahweh, who will not bend to the current culture that overtakes the Church. I will not go to those who are lifted up by man. I will not go to those who are on their god pedestals. I will not visit those who say they are their own lowercase god, for they have turned from serving Yahweh.


The Church as a Body has turned and is taking in doctrines of demons. They side with the world and those who influence, and say they are evolving and will take in any level of sinful living and turn away from Me. And see it; Yahweh will not let the grace cover and keep them from tasting My anger. Yahweh turns away in anger.


But will they pray to Yahweh, or will they say that the people do not give a great tithing? Will they say it is the people’s fault due to their lack of giving as to why Yahweh turned His face?


My exposure is not to say I said it first. Rather, power of any level from Yahweh must not come under the ways of idolatry. Look at how I dealt with the children of Israel. Didn’t I also hear of their evil sayings, and didn’t I note their evil living? And yet I stayed with them. But did I pretend that sin was okay to abide in continually? Could I bear that pretending, just as how the Church does?


They say to Me, “We love You, Yahweh,” and with those same lips, they say to the continual sinner, “Yahweh does not care how you live. Worship yourself as your own lowercase god. You are also a god!” And the people say, “Oh, yes, I like this! Jesus will accept me just the way I am, and I can stay this way. He will not judge me. God is love.” How blinded you are.


Yahweh is a mighty God, the Judge of all, yet I gave grace. I gave grace for many natural years. It’s not that grace did not carry the Church, but how much longer should I let grace make the people think that they can have a pass to live however they want to? The first scapegoat must come under judgment.


If I stripped away grace…

Letter Two: Scapegoat Justin

January 29, 2024


The Entry Note




You are viewed as the one the people would blame for many churches not being enabled to believe in Yahweh’s unhindered ability to engage His creation. This method of presenting Yahweh is bringing forward a way to view you as a scapegoat, a leading representative in your circles who influenced people to think We—Yahweh—aren’t able to give real messages, hearings, conversations, and impartations into this current Church time. 


We do not claim you to be a heathen. We say you are a mark of representation of those who say We cannot go and engage in actual active placement in this current placing of the Church era. So, you will be carrying a way to become a scapegoat when the people feel the way you speak out is not fully without unkind sayings and misunderstandings. And these folks will say you are the one who led them astray to have a parting from Yahweh dealing with the world through active engagement.


Why, Justin, would I come across so harsh to you? Are you hurting My sheep? Are you bringing false gods to the people? No, I do not say that way. What would Yahweh have to look at from your way? You do not have a plan of complete understanding, yet you carry regurgitated sayings with limited seeing to build your cases. You view others with a marking of a scapegoat, saying they carry the leading ways of various movements. Still, you would throw away the possibility that Yahweh can speak if He chooses based on how your mentors say to remove all added ways of possibilities of Yahweh bringing active engagement.


See how your circles of influence look from your camp: To your group, everyone who believes that Yahweh can still engage His creation (by the Spirit speaking, using a form of communication in words or active spiritual ways) is automatically considered fake or not living within Yahweh’s will; this is how your way and your circle drink that. You close off the way to having any seeing. To you, in your presentation of hearing in spiritual matters, a lack of power exists in Yahweh due to the tainting of spiritual engagement based on how others yield their evil ways of saying Yahweh spoke when He didn’t. You turn away from all prospects that there could be an active intervention with Yahweh because so many people tell lies in the name of Yahweh. 


Wounded people struggle with what has brought them pain and have a difficult time separating the real engagement from Yahweh from the false and would purposely place all engagement as evil and say that no good thing can live in that movement that hurt them. Did you forget? Only Yahweh knows those who are really His and Yahweh will bring a separation in due time. Purposely wolf-acting persons who try to hurt the sheep should be put away, but think about this: what if others in those “misled” groups are also just saying what they heard throughout the years, regurgitated and unchallenged information? Shouldn’t you move in a way to bring an awareness within the “misled” groups and not solely speak of your grievances to those who speak your regurgitated sayings? 

The Reality of Yahweh




I care greatly that you are doing an evangelism work, but should an evangelist take most of the training, preaching, correction, and dealings to those he thinks have it “all together”? Shouldn’t the evangelist go to the ones who are hurting and need Yahweh? If you are in this office of evangelist, shouldn’t you go out and bring in real salvation stories of how you preached to the ones you claim are in error? 


This look at your way is what makes you a scapegoat: you speak to those who take your opinion as a standing way to engage Yahweh, and yet these same people will one day see that you made them into who they are: speaking regurgitated sayings from those who spoke into your living. A scapegoat. A figurehead. One of those they will throw away for giving them these teachings that are not biblically based, carrying a limited understanding of the One who still actively governs.


It is a labeling of other groups into spiritual classes of people when there should actually only be one Body of Christ. What kind of unified ways would I have prayed for during the three-year earthly ministry? Is it to see a manifestation of these cliques and services of loyalty to a person or a moving of beliefs (charismatic or cessationist)? What is the purpose of praying that the Body would be one? All should be living under the submission of Yahweh, paying attention to what Yahweh gives in His written Word. That’s how they want to say you are, that you are fully closed off to the notion that Yahweh would engage His creation in direct encounters.


What would Yahweh say here to these sayings? I can stop speaking for many years at a time while remaining active in how We govern humans and their daily living. The way that Yahweh deals with the people today is not similar to how humans engaged Me in the days of old, yet some people try to fake it today, pretending to have some way of hearing Me as was done with the prophets of old.


My way of sending judgments and hard ways of counsel is dampened in the Church era, not quickly revealed due to grace. The Old Testament timing operated quite differently, where quick judgments and separated ways from Yahweh occurred. What has happened in this Church era? The grace plan governs how the Church drinks from Yahweh, and with this way of grace, there is a hiding or a dampening of My potent presence.


I am the same God of the Old Testament. I am not silent because someone says, “Yahweh should no longer talk to us based on how much time has passed. So, let’s take a couple of old writings from the Bible times, and let’s say the writings are worth more based on who the writer was and how they were considered authoritative.” Nonsense. The writer did not make the writing authoritative. It is Yahweh yielding it that brings a saying into a standing order. Yahweh reveals that what is given is His will based on the covenant He stands with to work with the one who says His will.


Throw away the writings of Solomon with that plan of considering a work to have greater value based on the writer. Solomon turned to worship false demonic gods, and he broke covenant with Yahweh, yet look at how Solomon’s writings are under a protective Church cover as authoritative due to how Yahweh gave a covenant with Solomon in the first place. Solomon’s task provided him with a platform, not his character or way of living (stemming from his heart).

Time is Still Active




Now, look at how the churches follow their way of upbringing, and I can see how the people are craving their own favorite social media speaker. What about how Yahweh yields His prophetic words throughout the world in a constant, stable way? Look at how Yahweh governs the world. Seasons and harvests will come forward. Winter comes with a plan of consistent standing, as do the other ways of order.


But what about how the planets orbit and how the Earth takes in a blanket of breathable air? Is this all by a form of chance? Is Yahweh sitting in Heaven with duct tape over His mouth, looking down from Heaven with puppet strings on His hands, holding all the planets and stars in position?


Look at this in an accurate view: Yahweh created all. Yahweh gave a speaking way and said, “Let there come forward…” and with that coming forward, there is a requirement to “hold it all together.” This way of “holding it all together” is enabled by Yahweh’s PROPHET words. The prophetic sayings of Yahweh stem in Yahweh, for Yahweh is self-sustaining.


Creation is maintained, kept in a standing order, by a continual Prophet trait stemming from the sustaining way of Yahweh. The active Prophet Trait words from Yahweh continually push through time the material that came into existence (manifested) from His words. Yahweh maintains what He created with His sustaining power stemming from His spoken words. Creation is still standing in an active place (seedtime and harvest, etc.) by My Prophet Words.


Yahweh is the Head Prophet. Yahweh has an active saying of Prophet Words (that stem in Him) that holds creation in place. The Prophet’s office trait that stems from Yahweh is active, regardless of whether a human is alive to operate in it, for Yahweh is the never-ending source of all of His office placements. Yahweh continually yields forward (or produces) the Prophet’s office based on how the office traits stem from Him, and Yahweh can never let His Word fail. To keep Yahweh’s Word in an active placing will need active surging to fuel the written Word. The surging is always coming out from Yahweh. No human has the power to bring prophetic words forward in their human strength.


The written Word still needs the powerful Prophet Yahweh to bring forward what is yet to come, and to say that Yahweh has to close off the Prophet office would say there also needs to be a repercussion showing a display of dead or inactive words from a shutting down to any prophetic saying of Scripture.


The written Word must stay active while it’s in the process of manifesting through time. Yahweh’s power from His words carries the Word along. With Yahweh’s Prophet trait remaining in an active place, Yahweh’s written Word yields an active place. The Words of Scripture stay active and alive due to Yahweh being active. Yahweh remains active in His placement of sayings.


The surging from the Prophet Yahweh brings forward the words, carries them, and then moves them out. Yahweh brings a Prophet weighing (trait) that pushes all His plans in the written Word! “God-breathed” words require Yahweh to say them FIRST through revealing so they can yield out into natural living. And these God-breathed words in Scripture will stay in an active place stemming from Yahweh until fully manifested, bringing forward the covenant rooted in His Prophet sayings, empowered by Yahweh directly.


Yahweh is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Yahweh yields forward life into the written Word, bringing written Words to a God-breathed way, and to say there cannot be any new words would bring a plan of nullification to Yahweh’s plans that are still yet to be pushed forward even from Scripture. Why would Yahweh “shutting down” His Prophet office nullify Scripture and make it become dead and no longer in an active placing? Yahweh will maintain His word regardless of whether someone says Yahweh is speaking today.


How can the words from Revelation, which are still yet to be in a natural placement, have a power placement if Yahweh “shuts down” the Prophet office? Yahweh will not split off from His Prophet Office Traits, put out governing words in the work or Scripture, and leave the words without a driving force of active prophet placement to push the words forward in natural living. Prophecy must stand, which requires the active Prophet trait that Yahweh carries, a continual prophet placement in even silent seasons when Yahweh doesn’t say anything.

Let’s Bring Real Engagement


Yahweh says the plan (message, writing, letter, etc.) FIRST, bringing it out from eternity and into time-based living. What must happen next (in the plan of the prophetic saying) is very important. The one who hears the words from Yahweh and will give a report must not embellish or bring forward their own understanding (added notes, thoughts, or opinion) when saying Yahweh’s words. The prophet or general hearer must REPEAT Yahweh’s words in the same format or context as how Yahweh gives them.


But here is the problem with the current Church placing: THE CHURCH gatherings are not enabled to hear from Yahweh as the prophets of old did. Due to this inability to hear Yahweh speak in unhindered ways, some embellish or put their way first and call it “words from Yahweh.” THE CHURCH and the ERA THE CHURCH WALKS IN are referenced here, not how people engaged Yahweh throughout all of time. The Church is covered by a blanketing, bringing hindering ways to take in heavy sayings from Yahweh. Covenants are active in bringing Yahweh’s will forward, and under active covenants are active requirements that shape how Yahweh governs and how humans engage Yahweh.


Why are you a scapegoat, Justin? You represent someone who gives the impression that Yahweh has duct tape over His mouth and is unable to ACTIVELY ENGAGE His creation. The way of a Church sect makes it seem that there is no possibility for Yahweh, who actively holds together all of creation, to actively bring intervention in whatever method or plan Yahweh wills. Can’t Yahweh do what He wills in Heaven and on Earth? Is Yahweh hindered from saying prophetic sayings that will bring a course correction when needed?


Can you tell Me that your favorite reformers were not yielding course corrections? What favorite preacher of today steers your way? Think carefully. They carried this same spiritual deficiency in the days of the early Church, where the people wanted to say they were under one person over another. Shouldn’t there be a plan to yield to following Scripture and not sitting in any gathering that labels one group “Charismatics” and branding the other as “Cessationists?”


Is it written in your Scriptures that Yahweh no longer speaks? I can give a real understanding of the Hebrews Book, and it isn’t fully lining up with how you see. Your Church way is drinking what they were told, repeated sayings. Churches are only repeating words they heard without actually taking a moment to seek wisdom from Yahweh. How would Yahweh lead you and guide you? Of course, through written sayings, but the way people interpret what is written is not synced with Yahweh’s way of viewing these things. The Church is blanketed in how they hear Yahweh, unable to hear Me in real living ways as the prophets from the days of old did, under the old covenants. But the covenants do not gate Me. I am not hindered based on someone saying, “That’s all that was told.”

Get Rid of the Regurgitated Sayings




“How can the person who pens these words hear Yahweh?” It’s easy to explain. Yahweh enabled me to hear Him in word-for-word conversations since I was a young teenager. Off and on, Yahweh would yield engagement. No soaking music played to hear Yahweh, and I had no earthly trainer who taught me the prophet traits. Yahweh just started speaking as if He sat near me. Over a thirty-year novice way of learning Yahweh’s will in this phase of the current Church era, Yahweh trained me on spiritual engagement within both kingdoms using various unseen beings.




Servant, let’s give even greater seeing in this Kingdom placing. 


Curses can be overruled. Yahweh can yield overruling placements that bring a breaking of a law or a governing curse. One minute, there is death. And in the next moment, Yahweh would bring a breaking of death to overrule it. That’s what was shown even with the raising of Lazarus. Yahweh yields curses, but Yahweh can break that curse with a new will. Yahweh can say, “Here, in this natural living, there will be a curse on all who are naturally birthed into this earth.” 


But in that same natural living of the human race, I can bring an overruling to the current placing of the culture. I can say, “There needs to be a course correction to bring the Church into order. The Church culture follows what they see, what seems better in their own eyes. Let Me look at all who are to come into natural living and pick a servant who will obey My will and lead the people the way Yahweh says.”


I do not separate the Prophet office based on the gender of the one who says My will. I impart prophet traits into the person, and they drink from the true Source of all real prophetic sayings, Yahweh. I do not give one message to men and a different one that caters to how a woman is cursed in lowered placement in the governing of her married living. This is the way My Spirit brings drinking in prophet matters, yielding My will to the one who will serve Me and yield My word into the people.


You are My scapegoat due to your regurgitated hearing. You say what plan you hear your spiritual governing would say in their regurgitated sayings, but you still seek Yahweh for what could be when you purposely attend churches that have speakers of false ways, taking on “research” to build up your way. Why do you call yourself an evangelist? Are you trying to root out the false ones within the churches? Why not label yourself as something else: a hungry man who craves to have some backing of an active God on Earth? 


You want real proof, not of your faith but of the way We engage Our creation. “Where is the balance within Christian living?” is your view. Where is the movement from Yahweh? There is no written proof that Yahweh could not currently engage His creation using any method. Even in Revelation, there yields two prophets, witnesses who will say Yahweh’s great will. Shouldn’t there be an understanding of a season of quiet? Shouldn’t that way look similar to what was done between the Old and New Testaments when there was that “short” period of silence? Shouldn’t Yahweh be able to bring forward a course correction whenever Yahweh sees the churches are following what they feel is better? Shouldn’t Yahweh be quiet yet speak again when needed?


Now hear Yahweh.


It is time to bring real judgment to all of My churches with a viewing of their way. To say We will take a view of how the churches carry themselves, Yahweh will need to bring a backing of power. Not these fake ways of saying it and begging that Yahweh backs up the words. Look at this way and read what Yahweh says FIRST: I will take a look at every church group that says they are under Yahweh and will bring a cleansing forward using a spiritual way. I will turn My face from those who worship lowercase gods, and I will bring forward Old Testament-level judges who will bring mini ways of course corrections to prepare the world for the return of Christ. Here, I speak clear sayings.


What do We need from your way? Do We need you to back Yahweh? Do We? Yahweh needs no one; Yahweh is not dependent upon the human. Yahweh is self-standing, able to bring forward His plan without any human backing. I AM Who I AM.

The Third Scapegoat - Seersgate

Letter Three: Scapegoat Kat

January 31, 2024


Revelation Versus Conversation




It’s not as much about revelation but about conversation.


Here is the break (disconnect) in understanding: the purpose of engaging Yahweh is not always to gain a revelation about the future. The people have their understanding and would assume that Yahweh would only speak to give a future plan. But if people look at the Scriptures, they would see that Yahweh engaged sinners, and His people took on conversations. And these same people who had conversations with Yahweh were not in the prophet’s office.


That is a very real disconnect—to think that the only time that Yahweh would say anything is to yield forward a message about a future event. That understanding of Yahweh yields a lack of understanding of what the perimeters are for a God to stand in an active status and carry out a governing plan with His creation. Every time Yahweh talks, it will not yield a revelation of the future or a message. A message is placed on a distinctive level as governing authoritative sayings when using such words as “THE LORD SAYS.”


Let’s look at the written Word. Yahweh brings illumination to what is already written. Yahweh must actively engage the person for them to receive an illumination of the written Word. It is impossible for illumination to be present if the person only drinks (takes in) human intellect, human interpretation, and human experience. Yahweh brings illumination, a spiritual way of revealing truth, to what is already written by the power of the Great Holy Spirit, sharing and teaching what He governs on Earth. The Great Holy Spirit illuminates and brings an understanding to spiritual matters. It is impossible to understand what Yahweh says from the mind of God without having a spiritual engagement, illumination from a bridge made by the Great Holy Spirit to reveal the mind of God. Would the mind of God have an absent placing, as if dead? A braindead God isn’t Yahweh. To be led by the Great Way in daily living will require being led in real-time, active placings by the governing Great Holy Spirit.


But what have the “prophets” of today yielded? They say every dream and experience stems from their hearing from Yahweh. They can say these fake sayings, and the people will embrace them due to how there is a possibility of an actual spiritual joining with Yahweh. But they do not know what way (method, outlet, etc.) Yahweh will engage. So, to avoid being deceived, some would shut off all outlets and strip away the notion that Yahweh says anything. Others would say that Yahweh may say a phrase or give a person a dream but never converse with a human. Some would say that the only type of talking that comes out from Yahweh would be a revelation “thus saith the Lord” message.


And then others go too far and blame every spiritual way on the Great Holy Spirit and would say that there is no way that a demon could talk to them instead of Yahweh. Then there are actual prophets with prophet traits that stem from Yahweh, given the enablement to hear and see in the spirit living that is uncommon to the current gathering of My Body. And here is a problem: those not enabled to take in prophet traits feel slighted that they have other tasks from Yahweh that are not under the prophet office placement.


Can everyone walk as a prophet? No! But can every Christian be led by the Great Way through the written Word? Definitely! And can there be a guiding from Yahweh that brings illumination to what Yahweh says in His written Word that shows more of His will and has a power leading of wisdom? Of course! What pastor has their own power? No one in Yahweh’s house (referring to a follower of King Jesus) can lead the congregation by the Spirit without receiving an active connection from Yahweh.




Why is Kat Kerr on My list of scapegoats? Is it that she leads My people with real dealings? Could there be an error in her words? But why would I bring attention to you, lady with the pink hair? Can you look at what the churches drink? Honor Me and not spit on My will by tainting the will from Yahweh with evil living. Non-churchgoers would not pay attention to your way; they would dismiss you without giving a second thought when they listen to your sayings. They would hear your sayings and not consider if they should ponder if there could be a real prophet in their midst.


Shouldn’t there be some backing from Yahweh to prove any ACTIVE prophet? What proof would be given? Taste it. Real prophets do not all operate in major authoritative sayings that produce great wonders with manifested ways of natural proof. There will be a surging within the active servant who operates in a prophet office placement in the governing sphere delegated. A surging within the prophet syncs with the work yielded, bringing a movement into active placement, which is not pushed by striving. To say Yahweh is causing a ministry to walk in His power is not validated by the crowds gathered. Yahweh doesn’t base success on the size of the gathering. I release My power based on how we (Yahweh and the human servant) walk in unity.


Now take a look, Kat. Your way will become a scapegoat to the modern movement with those who have a way of seeing and hearing. “Seeing and hearing” refers to those who can engage the spirit realm with the ability to see and hear spirit dealings. Those who say they can hear Me will turn their face and speak ill concerning your messages. Before, those who drink it (your message) would say, “Oh, that would be so much fun to live in a cartoon, movie fantasy with Jesus. But would I really be able to go out and have a sci-fi life when I die?” Now, some are starting to see, “I was fooled.” Who fooled these people? Their new scapegoat.


They will move Kat out as an ill-brain “prophet” who is making things up. They separate her from others who see ways in spirit planning and say she is not a true representation of how hearing, seeing, and engaging with Yahweh would be. Her so-called friends would separate so they would not drink her fake presentation. Kerr will be a poster woman of how Yahweh will not let His real prophets say. See how the scapegoat carries her way, saying statements I did not say. I don’t need any human to rant about political sayings. I do not need someone to wave a wooden stick to yield relief from a storm. Why don’t you try praying to Me?


Prayer to Me isn’t declarations. Prayer is yielding petitions, asking Me to bring you delivering ways to break you so you would have a freeing way in a circumstance. Standing outside with a stick will not grant Me to bring any relief to your territory. I move in covenant ways with a real servant, one who will speak what I give them to say, doing what I give in agreeing ways to move in. You are a raving, commenting woman who is on the verge of being labeled as literally mentally unstable even within your circles due to how the people are “fed up” with the fake ways you walk in. If Yahweh backs you, there may not be a full surging of power, but there will be a stable way of following the written Word.


No real prophet will carry “God traits,” having the enablement to know all things. No real prophet can “tap into” Yahweh’s mind and take out whatever information they need to bring a revealing of future events. Yahweh says what He wants to reveal and gives it to a servant to repeat in the current living. There isn’t a way for any prophet to have all power and unlimited wisdom. That saying of words similar to “Why didn’t they say it before it happened?” is idiotic (foolish) and settled in Satan’s nature when dealing with future sayings. Satan has his fortune tellers say what will happen or where a person lives or walks in currently, but Satan uses demons to give already released information as fake words of knowledge to get the people to believe a lie. And this is what church folks want real prophets to do: tell them what they currently deal with and label it as a prophetic saying.


Wake up, you sleeping, spiritually lazy, overweight ways in spiritual eating. Your spiritual fat is from hearing a fake way of what may be in your future, and you want real prophets to be your fortune tellers, telling you what is already happening. Wake up and submit to Yahweh. Read your written Word so you can stop being under false doctrines. Do not put any servant on a pedestal. Worship King Jesus. Worship the One who can save you in daily living. Yahweh brings true prophets forward who will not tell you any message contrary to what is written. There will be a building up in doing a work with a foundation of Scripture. And how will Yahweh bring forward new work ways using old Scripture? There will be a continuation, Yahweh actively bringing the written Word forward into daily living.

Scapegoat Four-Benny - Seersgate

Letter Four: Scapegoat Benny

February 17, 2024


“My anger is strong against him.” —YAHWEH


He is a Habitual False Leading Way




Why would My anger be so strong against this scapegoat? Many would think it’s for the obvious reasons of him preaching the "prosperity gospel" but take another brief look. I am angry because he lied. HE LIED ON ME. I have waited for him to say that he is in the wrong, but will he?


Can you see why I would be upset? Would “upset” be the right wording? When someone gives a saying and attaches that “Yahweh says it,” should I give a lenient way? They say grace makes it possible to say whatever. What if I did strike you dead for how you irreverently use My great name? Shouldn’t I strike you? Since I am the same Yahweh from the Bible-writing days, shouldn’t I still value My name and My word?


Why would a few thousand years bring a deadness to hearing Yahweh from what has been penned? The early writers are not living here in natural placings. They are living but not here. The prophets of old heard the word of the Lord and then repeated what they heard. With that level of engagement, how could there be room for error? Yahweh would say something, and the hearer would say back, in a word-for-word format, Yahweh’s wisdom. It’s not how the Church is geared to live to function with this level of engagement with Yahweh. The Church has a hindering plan, and the Church will not have the ability to be able to have engagements with Yahweh as if the will of how prophets are would be transferred into their way. People cannot learn a course to be a prophet.


People think that having the Great Holy Spirit living within would guarantee that they would have God-level traits, able to be a lowercase god, and attain a seeing way similar to Yahweh. Yahweh is the One True God. I have not made any duplicates. Yahweh is self-standing. I am in no need of human workers to boost Me up to make Me look more like Yahweh. I AM. You say Yahweh says this, and Yahweh says that. What proof can you say? This is what others struggle with, saying Yahweh said anything when so many say they have a “feeling” that Yahweh did speak. Either We speak to you, or We did not speak in that way; there isn’t a feeling.


What Evil You Speak


You, Benny Hinn, I have a cause for anger. You tell them, “Give natural wealth and you will have a healing.” How could Yahweh let you do this evil? Easy. Grace covers the Church. Grace makes everyone happy and feel assured in how they act. They can start off “right” and then, once there are a lot of followers, they start relying on their own way. Just like king Saul, he wanted to yield to Yahweh’s plan when he was little with no title. And once he had an army and he knew that a prophet would say to him what Yahweh yielded, he gained his own power with influence.


See, that’s the way of certain ministers. They gauge their work based on how big the crowds are, how many people are saying how well they are doing. Yahweh works by covenant in doing a work for Kingdom building. And since covenants are established when working with Yahweh, there can be a turning away, where Yahweh says, “Let’s look for another to take that placing.” Yahweh looks for another covenant carrier when the current covenant holder moves continually against the ways of Yahweh and His Kingdom. And when that person thinks that all is going well, Yahweh stripped away from them and gave what they had, that covenant placement, on the head of another.


To the formerly covered one, their current plan still “feels right” in how We deal with them, but they only deal with a power residue of what previously once was. The previously covered covenant worker thinks that I am still with them based on how I did not strike them down. They operate using a residue of what once was, yet Yahweh is not there. Yahweh is already moving in how the new covenant worker should grow.


Should I strike them down, the former covenant worker? Should I bring forward My full anger out into the natural way? Should I resort to yielding out judgment upon them now? Would My instant judgment upon that former covenant worker prove that My anger is real, how I long to strike you dead right now?


I talk to you, Benny, in “baby language talk” because you did not mature past spiritual baby milk. You give the people a steady surging of spiritual poison that is false doctrine that seems easy to take in, but this chemically-laced poison is not detected without taking in discerning ways. So, you have poison, false doctrine, but this poison has a chemical that puts people into a spiritual haze filled with confusion, false hope, and off-base declarations based on wishful thinking and emotional blindness.


This chemical within your poison is called Master Deceiver, the very demon trait used in preparation for the reigning of the antichrist. Master Deceiver is a demon able to twist what is actually truth to turn it where its base meaning is no longer. “Did God say—?” That is the base of Master Deceiver, always wanting to question Yahweh’s foundational scriptural meaning in reference to His written Word.


You say, “come to the front or you will lose your healing.” Where did Yahweh say it in written Scripture? You say, “all can be healed.” Where did I say that all can be healed in their flesh this day? You operate under the lying trait of the demon that will build a strong way of deception during the Age of the Antichrist. You made people give their income on the basis of telling them a false way. You tell them, “God heals you,” when I didn’t. You tell them to throw away their medications and just trust that the healing took way. That is not Yahweh speaking through you. You tell lies in the name of Yahweh.


The False Versus the Real


“Did Yahweh say that in that way? Surely, Yahweh can look at the world now and see that we live differently than those in the early Church. He would not punish me for bringing in my own interpretation.”


But I look at your interpretation and see how you change the base meaning of what Yahweh says. I look at how you bring in your additions and addendums and say, “Surely, there must be an update. Yahweh would not punish me for saying we need money to build up His work.”


Do I need money stained with the blood of the many you tricked into giving? Do I need anything? No! Are you still under the way of tithing from of old? Why would you stand with the sayings of the early Church and its apostles of the written Scripture in other areas except for those plans that bring discomfort to your way, hindering your plan to build up an empire? You say, “Yes, there is grace in the new covenant,” but I also say to freely give.


(6) Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. (7) Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (8) And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. (9) As it is written:


“They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor;
   their righteousness endures forever.”


(10) Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. (11) You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

—2 Corinthians 9:6-11 NIV




And with this freely giving way, is there manipulation in My words? Do I say that the more you give, the more you will have healing? Do I say that if you give your income to a certain worker, I will make you have the same as what the leader has?


Why have you lied so that you can gain the wealth of the people? Why did you lie and say that Yahweh says it? I give My written Word, but not how you have given it. Listen, I have already judged you. There is no covenant that you carry with Yahweh, and there is no healing way that stems from your mantle. 


Look and pay attention. You have a mantle, and the gifts and calling are with your way. But pay very close attention: I cannot give you a covenant surging in your mantle with how you told so many lies in the name of Yahweh. We—Yahweh—have already looked for your replacement many years ago, and all you have given forward is a dead way, an old residue of what once was. You were called to walk under Yahweh’s power, but you did not take the time to study the Word and be built up in your training.


You had a little taste and told yourself that no one can tell you what to do because you can make people fall out. Pay close attention. We—Yahweh—can step away and make room for you to conjure up demons in the place where the Great Holy Spirit should dwell. We gave many warnings to turn from your wicked placing, but you did not heed. We gave many warnings to stop telling lies in the name of Yahweh, but you did not think they would be counted. And then you blame them. You blame these sick, desperate, hurting people for how they did not get healed. 


My anger is strong against your work. I am never working through you on world plans. You will have to gain “wisdom” from demons to pull off your tricks. There is a woman and others who will take the real covenant and bring real Gospel preaching to the people. Churches will not drink it because Yahweh will not give a church gathering the attention.


This is a call for your way. Stop telling lies in the name of Yahweh. When Yahweh moves forward and comes against a soul, who can cover their sin? Turn from working with Master Deceiver. Turn from the works of evil.


(6) He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. (7) Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be My children. (8) But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

— Revelation 21:6-8 NIV




Look at where liars go—habitual lying. And you say Yahweh says it, all your lying sayings. Oh, a grave warning: turn from telling lies in Yahweh’s name. The flame is almost gone. The residue makes you believe that you are in right standing with Yahweh. No apologizing without active repentance.


And I will not let you taste of those other plans.

Five-Kanye - Seersgate

Letter Five: Scapegoat Kanye

March 19, 2024

4:50 p.m.




So many people would say you are not a Christian. I do know where you really stand with Me in a “Christian” form of living. Doing lots of church-based works, activities, plays, and music will not declare a person is now living how We want them. What is Yahweh’s way for the people? Yahweh is looking for clean hands and a pure heart. That will get My attention, how you seek after Me, My Kingdom, first.


Here is where Yahweh will speak to you in a plain way, not as if you are seasoned and living in a sanctified way. I will say this to you: We (Yahweh) are able to have a real relationship with you even if there is no hearing and seeing in spiritual ways. That means I am still near, whether you hear Me or see spiritual ways. Yahweh is still looking at your way even when you do not hear Him say anything. Kanye, you want Me to think differently than the Christians you deal with. I will. I do. Prayer is not going to give you the way of engagement as if you deal with Satan.


Now, why would I take this moment to tell you these things? No one has any living proof of Yahweh’s ability to have conversations with His created human beings. Why would Yahweh take a moment to show you that others feel the pain of rejection from the churches just as you do? What point would there be? Yahweh loves the sinner and will not show favoritism. What could come out of sharing this note? Those who feel pain are in My view. In no way is it a priority to gain your direct way of engagement from this letter. I place you as a scapegoat so that others who walk in your footsteps under your influence will turn and drink from our way.


Kanye, there is a way of wanting you to know that how they treated you was unacceptable. The problem with being a public figure is that the hidden ones can throw their opinion concerning your way without seeing that all of My sinners who come for a new way need others who can give them a plan of help and spiritual support. The churches already judged you from your moment of saying, “Yes, I will give God a chance.” The covering of the Christian in name covers a broad stroke of religions and beliefs. And anyone coming into the covering of a Christian label will have to study what being a real Christian is all about. How about I make a few points concrete:


  • King Jesus is the only way to eternal living.

  • All have sinned. All are in need of a Savior.

  • To be a real Christian is to kneel within, forsaking all others (including yourself) as your lowercase god.


Turning away from sinful living—it isn’t rooted in willpower. To turn away from sinful living needs a powerful God to bring a cleansing within. In the way of saving the soul, the Great Holy Spirit comes and brings a rejuvenation and regeneration. The Great Holy Spirit brings spiritual life through Christ. The Great Holy Spirit turns your way of living and moving within, making you a new creation. Eternity with Yahweh leads within through Christ being connected to you, giving you living waters.


Now, here is what you were not prepared for: the constant judgment of the churches, saying you were not a real Christian based on various dealings, and you were in association with people who had a tainted view. See how Yahweh views people by looking at their hearts. But church people think that upon conversion, you would drop every old habit and live as if you have been a Christian for many years. They forget how hard the early season was and make it seem as if they came forward knowing heavy ways of Scripture, doctrine, and having the nature of Christ permeating their every plan. What if they had a different approach and sought to help you? What if they stood by you and offered to help you in your journey, mentor you, and pray for your way? Would that have made you not hate Me in this moment?


You hate Me because of how they treated you. And now you have turned away from the early days of dealing with the churches. Some of the most opinionated and judgmental people are in churches, and they fail to recall when they first came to King Jesus. Hypocritical. And it caused you a real love that could have endured through death.


What would I say to those who are in your way of feeling? I would look at them with compassion and say, “I am the Bread of life.”


(35) Then Jesus declared, “I am the Bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty. (36) But as I told you, you have seen Me and still you do not believe. (37) All those the Father gives Me will come to Me, and whoever comes to Me I will never drive away. (38) For I have come down from heaven not to do My will but to do the will of Him who sent Me. (39) And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that I shall lose none of all those He has given Me, but raise them up at the last day. (40) For My Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

— John 6:35-40 NIV



What is love, Kanye? What is actual love? If I love you, wouldn’t I warn you of what is to come? I am Yahweh, a Judge, a powerful King, and I will one day come back and bring judgment. Take a moment to see. Real love—it can be displayed in giving correction, adjustment, judgment, and bringing governing order. I yield real love by telling you that I am the One who can heal you from the painful ways of rejection. I also warn you of a judgment yet to come.


There are those who stand up for Yahweh’s way and will not cater to your status or reputation. There are servants who will say the real truth in love, solely to move in offering reconciliation, not cowardly bending to say what makes you feel better. I love you as a soul who needs warning, a soul who needs reconciliation. The people would not feel good if their salvation story and conversion were on display for critics to weigh and judge and give their opinion of whether they are real Christians living in the ways of Yahweh’s Kingdom. Don’t stand with others due to how they have influence with man. Stand with the ones who have covenant surgings with Yahweh.




Please hear Yahweh's warning. Repent. Turn away from sinful living. Seek Yahweh. Give your hurting way to Him. Ask Him for your heart’s healing. Say to Yahweh, “Create in me a clean heart, and renew the right spirit within me.”




The people’s painful verbal examination and interrogation of your spiritual walk with Yahweh was a heavy burden to handle. And they were not willing to give you a chance to walk out the new power way. Here is My statement to you: I am not going anywhere.

Letter Six: Scapegoat Ken

Letter Six: Scapegoat Ken

March 27, 2024

11:36 a.m.




See it, servant, how they are confused? They look at written Scripture and see that King Jesus followed what was to be over in an already planned fulfilling still yet to come. I will make it a clear way. There are two eras revealed in the early sections of the new plan (New Testament). But after King Jesus went to Heaven, from the resurrection, the old way of the Jewish traditions was not included in how the CHURCH ERA would be governed. Yahweh couldn’t strip away how the Jews were (relating to serving Yahweh) until Christ’s death and resurrection. Nothing was the same way after Yahweh ripped the veil in two. Give Me that Scripture.


(50) And Jesus cried out again with a loud [agonized] voice, and gave up His spirit [voluntarily, sovereignly dismissing and releasing His spirit from His body in submission to His Father’s plan]. (51) And [at once] the veil [of the Holy of Holies] of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; the earth shook and the rocks were split apart. (52) The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints (God’s people) who had fallen asleep [in death] were raised [to life]; (53) and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection, they entered the holy city (Jerusalem) and appeared to many people.

— Matthew 27:50-53 AMP




With this great ripping of the veil, the Great Yahweh no longer held a place in the temple. The old way was no longer leading. From the tithing in Malachi and covering other practices, these old ways were removed from this placing, that moment when Yahweh King Jesus gave up His spirit on the cross. Wake up, people. You’re currently in the Church era, soon to be overlapped with the coming Age of the Antichrist, bringing a preparation for Yahweh’s coming for the second time. Wow, will they see? Burdened down with works-based actions, trying to worship Yahweh in spirit and truth.


What will the Age of the Antichrist be like in its heaviest placement? No freedom to worship any. All Satan will want in that future era is for his way to be placed as a god to the people through his puppet antichrist. This is why, under the Church way, there must be worship in spirit, not using old works to bring a hoping to gain Yahweh’s ear. Servant, with the healing rooms, I will take a 15% giving to show Me honor. But you will not need to beg anyone. The people will beg you once there is a potent revealing of Yahweh in a natural setting.


You care about Ken greatly, but you cannot stop saying what Yahweh says to say. There can be no former friend, relative, or person you view in a higher placing than sharing what Yahweh gives you. You must worship Yahweh and say all Yahweh says to all Yahweh gives you. No fear of any man. Now, let’s continue.


People are living in confusion, following old ways, practicing these Jewish traditions as if they carry great spiritual wealth. The way of a following of moral law is active, but are you required to bring grain offerings and animals to a temple and ask for forgiveness? Are you required to have a yearly atoning? No. But what is to be remembered is the grace that Yahweh pushes through by remembering those former placings and how they were used to lead someone into a communing way with Me.


They are looking to walk in former placings of old living and still drink My surging. Let them be a scapegoat. Ken will be hurt by how you use him as a scapegoat, but he is heavily in error. I will put a circle around South Florida on a drawing and will show where this local pastor is. Ken is hungry to learn, but doing all these old ways in worship will not bring closer ways with Yahweh.


The eras overlap from the law and grace in the Gospels and in portions of Acts, but the overlap is not required in the Church way. The Gospels and the early Church reveal “saved” Jews who needed to be reconditioned to take on a new power way. What say you? Go to the temple and bring Me your sacrifices if you say you are still under the ways of old.

Letter Seven: Scapegoat Thad

Letter Seven: Scapegoat Thad

March 27, 2024

3:50 p.m.




You also know of this man, but it doesn’t matter if you know someone. You learned throughout your training that you must give the word from Yahweh to whoever Yahweh says to. There cannot be any favoritism. You must always stand with Yahweh, even when dealing with the ones who show a form of friendship.


This is why many prophets in Scripture were not liked. Today’s prophets that churches buy off are fortune tellers due to how they sway based on what people give them. They prophesy for money. They tell lies and make promises that Yahweh did not say. They lie on Yahweh, and when what these prophets promised does not come to a natural placement, they are angry with Yahweh. 


Turn away from these witches and warlocks that claim to hear from Yahweh. A true prophet will not sway from what Yahweh says, what’s already written. And Yahweh will honor what He actively gives within covenant actions on behalf of what’s spoken from Yahweh given into the mouth of an active prophet.


Yahweh must always say the word of the Lord first, and then a prophet would give the hearer what Yahweh has already said. And hearing from Yahweh first before saying anything is the way that Yahweh gives prophets His great will. The way of what Yahweh says in this letter is a church visit from a season ago.


Church Visit

South Florida, USA




You see. There is no direct worship to Yahweh. They cheerlead. They tell them to worship, yet the singers do not say, “Welcome, King of the universe! Welcome, Great Yahweh! We honor Your presence in our midst!” See, servant! They welcome the commoners and forget all about Who they are here to worship. Why do churches think that they need to make the people feel welcomed in My worship? Answer Me that for their lack of reverence. They ask Me for revivals. They ask Me to bless them and heal them, yet they ignore Me. 


Singing through a list of songs is not going to reach Me when they choose to ignore Me. Where are the church leaders? Coming in late again. I want the actual leader to show by their example a way of humility, where they bow low before Me and welcome Me. Then, they can give the service over to their lay members. And yes, some churches will consider their worship leader to be an actual leader. I do not, except for those office positions who also lead worship. I need an office member to welcome Me before the people. This is protocol. Welcome Me, not with a song list but with Kingdom order. 


Were you able to feel a surging? No. Why not? Someone might say that there is no anointing to feel from a device, but they fail to understand covenant. I covenant with the one who is ministering in an office. That’s why I want an office member to welcome Me. I will give the one who views a service a sure way to sense My presence in that needed moment. When there is an anointing, I will push that. I will push power to bring forward My will. It’s clearly given. 


Pastors are reverenced greater than Yahweh. Some are so much greater honored that the commoners look to the pastor for everything they long to have. The pastor addresses how the people are. All the pastor has to do is break under My power and fall prostrate, and cry out—while others watch. He compares himself to Yahweh. Wow. 


How can this pastor bring up a plan to say that the presence is moving on when I have not touched their altar? How can I bring a shift when their own pastor will not cry out at the altar? 


Oh, look at how the commoners are forced to show their weaknesses, yet none of the leaders there are crying out. Stop telling the commoners to cry out and get their miracles. Why don’t you cry out, pastor? Why are you giving the appearance that you have it all together, that you have no faults, no pain, no need to cry out? Why aren’t you interceding at the altar for those who are not there? 


Stop giving the impression that church leaders do not need to be vulnerable before the people. The fancy clothes will not get you in closer to Yahweh. Bow down! Break before the presence of Yahweh! Church leader: bow to your God!


I don’t need you perfect before I give you a miracle. If I waited for others to be perfect, no one would receive eternal life! I came so that there will be a reconciliation between God and man. Oh, all the talking. All the religious ways.


I don’t need to listen to the message that he gives. I have seen enough.




If they would look at how church services should be, there would be a turning in meeting with Me. 

Jesus is God Yahweh

The Great Holy Spirit is God Yahweh

Father God is Yahweh

You Must Be Born Again!

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