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Foggy Mountain


These are Yahweh's raw sayings that share His intentions and His views. 

Access Yahweh?

June 12, 2024

1:59 p.m.


“See where the real problem is? They think they can “access” the sayings of Yahweh based on their little positions given by their favorite media or church leader. There is no way into the wisdom from Yahweh if the human clicks his heels, claps a few times, and says their own declaring ways. Do you see what the cancer is in that charismatic movement? They think they can tell Me what to do. They think that by calling themselves prophets and apostles, and even pastors do this, Yahweh will bend to their sayings. Yahweh gives the one who is yielded to be in any office the enablement to stand in the office placement. Man cannot determine who will be in an office way. This cancer in My Church has to be dealt with. And I will send out real prophets who will speak out about how Yahweh is against these persons who claim they can activate Me, My power, or tell Me how to govern the Church.”


So, You Want Trump, Christian


July 14, 2024

8:55 p.m.




I care about Trump, but I also care about Biden. Does that surprise you? Some of those who read this note think that Yahweh thinks like a human, holding anger because they don’t like how the government is heading. Can’t they see that Yahweh can turn the heart of ANY leader? Yes, that’s how I want it stated, servant. I care about the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sinner, and those who serve Yahweh. I am not a human going around with My vote for any of these leaders. I am looking for those who have clean hands and a pure heart. I do not look at what party they represent. Who are they serving? And service is not about making people happy.


How can you make anyone happy? One minute, they love you. The next minute, if you shake hands with someone they do not like, someone takes offense and calls them some name that is not appropriate. Do you know that if I wanted to, I could go out there and find a new candidate, not based on age, but based on their willingness to let Me lead them? But what would that look like, finding someone who bends to Yahweh and not the crowds? What would it look like to see someone sold out to Yahweh?


These so-called prophets of today are guessing based on hype and emotion, for I have not told anyone who I would want in office. Why is this? It does not matter who is in office. Whoever is in office, when I am ready, they will bend to Yahweh because My will will ultimately come to pass.


It is My will that the antichrist comes forward. Am I evil? No. Ultimately, the Second Coming of Christ must take way. And I am putting My pieces in place regardless of who you vote for, for those who do vote. It is ultimately up to Yahweh to bring forward the return of Christ. You say you want Trump, those Christians who want him. What about what I want? I don’t look at the figurehead on a poster representing your cause. I want no harm for either of them, for I want them to look to Yahweh for salvation. Isn’t that more important, salvation? Isn’t it more important that prayers go up for your leaders? Your leaders must be brought forward to Yahweh.


A Kingdom is not run by democracy, nor will your vote under a voter system sway Yahweh. Yahweh is self-sustaining. Yahweh knows the future. All you have to do is trust Yahweh and pray that Yahweh’s will is done. And pray that whoever leads you turns to Yahweh. Today is not like the days of old when I had a prophet anoint a leader. The United States is not a Christian nation, nor is Trump a David. I want no harm for him. I want his soul. Pray for your leaders, that they will turn to Yahweh. Pray for your nation, that the people will submit to Yahweh’s will—not your will—not what you think is better.

More notes are coming in Yahweh's time.

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