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Can there be such a thing as modern-day prophets? What makes this gift so important still today? Only Yahweh can make anyone a prophet, but would Yahweh make prophets for today? What if the office gift is still in operation? Learn from Yahweh's conversations with a servant.



We give excerpts from this book freely. The full version will come forward in Yahweh's timing. 

Table of Contents

A Special Note


Part One: Yahweh Says It


Are You a Real Prophet or a Pretender?

A Rebuke from King Jesus

How People Hear Yahweh

Steel Rod Prophets

Hebrew Writer: “God Not Talking Today” Leaders


The Source of Prophecy

What is Channeling? It’s Not Yahweh’s Way

Prophets Versus Those Who Prophesy

The Way of the Prophet


Part Two: Moving Forward


Paul: Now the New Way

The Prophet of Old, Born Today

The Ending Prophet

The Beginning of the New Way

It’s Time to Overrule Paul  

Heavy Grace is Going to End

Heretic or World Prophet: Is This Prophet Gift Real?

The Healing Room Plan

Houston Would Collapse: The Healing Room Dilemma

Silence is Close to Me

To All of My Churches


Part Three: Good News About King Jesus


Good News Message (view page)

What Jesus Came to Do

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