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Does Yahweh offer full healing today? What is Yahweh's plan concerning healing those who come to Him? Ultimate healing from Yahweh comes at death. Learn more from Yahweh's notes given in this current Church way.

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Yahweh’s Saying


March 28, 2024

2:16 p.m.


Yahweh Says It:


Seersgate, remember all of those ways of conversations? We said certain words you grew familiar with: “It is just a distraction.” But We also told you these words when dealing with how sick your blood family is. What are the odds that both your mom and dad have brain illnesses? Both are incurable with natural medication. And every time you ache within and quietly beg Me to heal them, what do I say? They’re being under spiritual attack from Satan.


Satan knows you can’t do anything to make Me give them healing. He was permitted to torture your way by hitting the natural flesh of those you love dearly. You know Yahweh. You hear Me speak in word-for-word engagement, yet We will not bend to heal them. Yahweh knows you hurt greatly, yet Yahweh can’t bend to Satan.


I say these words so that others—they would see that there is no promise of healing in this natural living. Only salvation is guaranteed this day to all who would come and drink living water. King Jesus is the only way to Heaven. There is full healing when a person enters death. And I will raise them up on the last day.


Stand with Yahweh. Satan treated you poorly. Do not ever curse Me. If Yahweh yields their healing in natural living, there would not be a favorite to choose. Yahweh loves all who are His. I will bring great power to build Yahweh’s work very quickly. Power, not natural income, is the real way. Let this be the entry note to this beautiful little book.

Leaving a Meeting Sick


Entry July 15, 2011




Lake said: “Healing was the evidence of God’s forgiveness—heaven’s testimony that their sins were remembered no more.” (Page 490, John G. Lake, The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings compiled by Roberts Liardon)



That is not scriptural, Susanna. Because someone is healed doesn’t mean their sins are forgiven. Just the same if someone is sick means that they are a sinner. This is where people get confused. People tell them if they are sick, it’s because of lack of faith, or they didn’t believe enough, and so on. It is My will to heal, and at the same time, I choose to heal whoever I want to heal. At the same time, I can forgive anyone, but they must come to Me for forgiveness. I am the only Way. There’s no other way to Heaven.


Do not preach this, that if you are sick, you have sinned against Me, and if you are well and made whole, then God approves of you. This will cause many to walk in condemnation. They will always think they could never be good enough for Me to heal them when all along all have sinned. All fall short of the glory of God. You must see this, and this is why you must ask Me what’s really going on behind the scenes before you pray for healing. See what I am doing. See what I want to do with that individual.


Yes, sickness is not in Heaven. At the same time, as I have mentioned in that message that I gave you on healing, everyone is not healed. But because someone dies and goes to Heaven doesn’t mean that they lacked the faith to be healed. People must realize that they must come to Me for healing or anything else they need. It is in My nature to heal because I am the Healer. At the same time, know what’s going on in the unseen realm that’s bringing about that sickness so you wouldn’t pray against My will, against what I am doing at that moment. I know you understand because we’ve covered this before in another entry. This is so others will understand and not judge others if they leave a meeting sick.




Yes. Thank You, Lord.

How Yahweh Explains Healing


Entry January 17, 2011



Message from the Lord


Yahweh Says:


Susanna, all true healing comes from Me. I even give the doctors wisdom to bring healing to others, but people do not see that it is ultimately Me doing the healing. I created the human body. For any type of healing to take place in the body, I have to be the One doing it. I hold the world together with My Word. I hold the human body together with My Word.


I choose to heal whoever I want to heal because I am God. As people see every day when they are healed from various things such as colds and flu to major things such as cancer, I am the One doing the healing.


To Me, no sickness or disease is greater than another. I took every sin, sickness, and disease on My body. Now, people can believe Me to do a miraculous sign, and yes, sometimes I will choose to operate that way. And the reason for Me to operate that way is for My glory, not so humans can receive glory.


There are examples in Scripture that show I heal the righteous and the sinner. There are Scriptures that show I heal the just as well as the unjust. I have been doing it since the beginning of time on earthly calendars. I am not subject to time. I am outside of time. I am eternal.


My plan is for all to be healed in their hearts. This is the ultimate healing: salvation. Eternal life brings true healing. If people would see this, that I am the God who heals and that My healing is not limited to the physical body, they would see well and focus on the Good News—what I came to do, as mentioned in Luke 4. I have been healing all since the beginning.


Now, some levels or degrees, and the purpose of major healings, may vary. Some don’t realize that going to Heaven is full healing, but it is. It’s another form of healing. Some I leave sick. Not to be mean, but for a purpose. This is not for all who are sick. This is to say that some people are sick because I choose to leave them that way. I may not reveal the purpose as to why.


Others remain sick because of sin or other reasons. Because a person is sick or dies doesn’t mean a lack of faith existed in their lives. That is not so. Everyone doesn’t know My plan, nor does everyone fully understand My will. The key is to trust Me no matter what, to believe in Me with your whole heart. The key is to put Jesus first, realizing that He is in control when you release control to Him.


God will not force His way on you. He will woo you. My Spirit will call you, but I cannot force you like a robot to do what I want you to do. You must accept Me as Lord and Savior and follow Me. You must love Me with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength. You must not waver in your faith when things don’t go the way you think they should go.


Always believe My Word. I am the Healer. I am the One who heals. Now, what you do with that information is up to you. Don’t hinder Me from working in your life because of unbelief. Always trust in Me, knowing that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord, those called according to His purpose. Not your purpose and not your will.

Is Satan the Cause of All Sickness?


Entry August 22, 2011



I want you to share your heart with Me.




Oh, Lord, it is so hard reading John G. Lake’s book because the things that I read are so different than what I am used to hearing from You. Part of me can see why he said certain things based on how he preached off of a certain Scripture, yet he seems to ignore Your overall theme, so to speak, how You operate in general. He is saying it is always God’s will to heal. And that is Your nature, yet he is also saying that every sickness comes from the enemy, which is not scriptural.


I am thinking right now concerning communion. Your Word says very plainly that if you take communion in an unworthy manner, where there is sin in your life, and your heart is not right, it could lead to sickness or even death itself. That tells me that the acts of a person can also bring sickness upon themselves, not Satan. People seem to casually blame the enemy for every sickness and disease and never want to know what the true cause could be. I also think about what You said about blessings and curses in the book of Deuteronomy. Those were conditional blessings, and if someone chose to turn away from You, they would receive the curses as mentioned in Scripture.


I also think about how Satan approached Your throne, and You told him about Job and how he walked in integrity and served You with his whole heart, and Satan wanted to challenge that; and You allowed him to do so, where You gave Satan permission to take everything from Job but his life, just to show that this was a man who was truly in Your will, where he was innocent before You; for he never cursed You despite of losing it all but his life.


Oh, Lord, it just seems that people will claim a particular promise, yet they are not willing to look at the conditions concerning that promise. It’s like the “name it and claim it” group, or those who choose to pull a Scripture out and say, “Yes, this is for me,” yet they don’t read the whole context concerning that Scripture; for quite a few Scriptures are indeed conditional, where it would say, “If you did this, you would receive this.”


Oh, Lord, Your nature, actually thinking about Your nature, puts Your Word in a different light. We must see Your full will and not particularly what we are trained by the world, the church, or our family. We must truly rely on Your Spirit to show us what is taking place at that moment. This requires insight from the Great Holy Spirit. This requires Your wisdom, not pulling out a few Scriptures just to say this is automatically for me because it’s in the Word and I am a child of God.



Message from the Lord

“Seek God’s Will”


Yahweh Says:


Yes, Susanna. Yes. You are speaking with My wisdom even now, for I am revealing so much to you concerning My will concerning healing and My nature. Many think that if they have a Scripture, it’s automatically going to “work” for them. Now put “work” in quotes because My Word never fails; it is alive and active; it will come to pass.


Now, here is where the problem lies: People will take a Scripture and say, “This is for me,” yet they will not allow Me to show the root cause of whatever they are experiencing. And this is why: What if I say there is sin or demons involved? What if there’s unforgiveness? What if someone has broken their will, where they made a vow to Me, then they didn’t keep that will, that promise?


What if they curse Me by the things they do or say or will in their lives, and yet they expect to receive so much of what I say is available? What if they believe they can live any sort of way and think they can “claim” My will for themselves? Yes, and the word “claim” is also in quotes. I am showing the way the Church today operates. I am showing that people, as a whole, think My will is for them when there is more.


There is a true way to view My will as mentioned in Scripture: it is through the leading of My Spirit. It is by seeking My will for that moment. It is seeking My will, where you come before Me and ask Me what the root cause of a sickness, a disease, a church fallout, a dissension is. It is seeking My will for all things and not trying to use human wisdom to figure out what My will truly is.


Only My Spirit knows My true will in all things. Man has, for so long, gathered data from what others are doing or saying in their churches, in their meeting places instead of seeking My will for this moment. Why is that? It’s because man chooses to follow the way of what they think works. It is because man wants to please others just like them so that they can gain their following and be like those they try to impress.


Why can’t people look to Me to see My will, to see what I am doing for this moment, for this hour? This is what I long for—for those in My Body to come to Me and drink, and receive My will from My Spirit, says your God. Stop trying to do things that your will is driving. Allow My will to lead where you seek to know My will for this time, for this season.


Do not assume you know what I am looking for when you have your eyes on your neighbor in this movement. Focus your eyes, your heart, and your will on what I am doing and what I am saying; for this is My will for you. My will is for you to look to Me for wisdom as to how to lead others, how to pray My will, and how to minister. Don’t go on what you think works.


The Spirit of God searches the hearts of men. And what is His will for this hour? Seek God’s will.



Yahweh (cont.):


Yes, Susanna, this is another message. Send this also to your leaders. We will add this as an excerpt as well.




Yes, Lord.

Yahweh King Jesus is the Healer


June 18, 2022

3:30 a.m.


Yahweh is Leading:


Seersgate, do not become like the ones who plan evil against your way. A powerful surging is within; I showed you. Not even fifteen minutes ago, you were sick, but Yahweh gave you healing. Covid is just like any other sickness.


People, drink of this mantle. Ask Yahweh to bring power into your spirit to tell you that your way is dealing with a servant in a real placement of prophet ways with the God of the universe. 


Pray to Yahweh. Give Me your prayers, and I will heal your sickness. Covid is just like any other sickness. 


Seersgate, give Me in their work way.


A prayer to pray to Yahweh:


God of all spirits, the One who holds all creation in His power: heal me. I pray to You, King Jesus. You are Yahweh. Please heal me.

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