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These notes will not give the little details to manage a nation but will provide a Kingdom view through seeing certain traits in a country that could hinder walking in a culture that benefits all people. The wisdom of Yahweh is needed to bring any Kingdom plan into natural details and have it influence the way we humans live and engage.


To say we follow Yahweh and not aim to have a Kingdom culture here, we would think that our forms of earthly order are best suited. Whose vote would determine how the people should live? Where is the power surging given by our Creator? Shouldn't the human race, brought forward from Him, bring Yahweh's spiritual traits into their living environment?


A New Plan is Given


Letter Two

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:

Mr. President, may I address another detail? There seems to be a major break in Church and State, in legal details. Can you hear me in the midst of the angry members of the different ways in religion and nonreligious standing? Those who vote against the very core of this detail surely hope for a remedy greater than a few empty promises. You need a Helper with you who is able to give you very firm ways to move in dealing with the religious and with those who play their own lowercase god.


How do you truly feel, knowing so many people hope that you would actually change this nation? Churches put up pictures of you in place of King Jesus, based solely on your race than on the wisdom needed from the Great Way King Jesus. You have great delegated authority, and this is not due based on a plan that a voter made you their way of a figurehead. You surely have delegated authority based on King Jesus placing you in that office for this season in this nation known as the United States of America.


Do you know how it feels to have a loyal following that will not desert you when you become unpopular with others? Who is really with you? Power will make many say they are walking with you. But most leaders cannot take true friendships in a deep way: Too many will hate or kill for any way to exalt their own way. Tell me, who can you truly talk to concerning how you truly think of this nation’s debt and major racial struggles? Who has a way with you in that way, where you can boldly give your true heart in sharing this weight that is upon you?


Look at the people using you. Look at the people saying they are with you. But who would say this if it meant they would lose everything, including their reputation? Do you have a friend such as this? There will be a day where you will truly need a major counseling session with a true leader in touch with the One who is the only real Helper you will ever need.


It is that time to look deeper into the root issues concerning Church and State to bring deep breakage into this nation. You have a great longing within for real change, but with moving with no actual power to shift those issues, you stand alone against a major mountain flowing with lava that cannot be moved or handled with touch. You need a lift over this mountain you have in your way just due to your position in this nation. It truly is not a mountain that you created: The mountain of issues was handed down to each nation’s leader, and it grew over many years.


This way of being hot lava is a representation of those details yet to still solve in the very fabric you carry as the nation’s leader. How can you do all of this cleaning and fixing? You truly cannot, for the old way must be blown up, where a new foundation is built, where all new leaders will take on a clean slate, with setups that move in building a nation—not having it split to give each group their own way.


Reconsider, Mr. President. Reconsider what you dwell on this day. You cannot fix it. There must be a yielding in you, where you truly give up your way over to the proposal you will drink deeply in a major power way in the King. There will be many against you, with a fierce way to show it.


You have to be strong in what will is given in the Great Way King Jesus. It may sound impossible. It may be considered absurd. But even with these earthly wills given by others, you must know within you that a plan in true freedom shall be given in this major structural shift. Be ready to drink it within you, sir. 

Mini Gardens


Letter Three

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


Imagine getting rid of all hospitals and replacing them with massive healing rooms. The work would be a great project—to build a room that would have glory levels that would cure any who would walk into that way. Can healing rooms come with a potent level of glory, where they would cure a person of cancer or heart failure or of missing body parts?


Healing comes from Yahweh, in various forms—not just with a miraculous touch, but God gives doctors medicine to hold healing, to cure. We will not make it look as if only instant healing is truly faith. You have to truly see that healing—all forms—truly will be given in the Great King. 


There can also be healing that would look as if it comes from Yahweh. Satan can give counterfeit healings, with a demon, to make that person think they are well. With witch doctors, demons will have a leading way to give a false healing, to make that witch look as if they have the power to heal. Even a cut that has to heal will have to be fully healed with the will in King Jesus. God the Great King Jesus spoke all healing into existence when He created laws that govern the natural human way. 


Healing can truly bring a very strong-willed person to their very knees when they need a true meeting with Yahweh. What has to be done to get a powerful nation to look at God and bend its knee to give God Almighty the full way to govern? Yahweh truly gives the man, woman, boy, and girl a way to lead different dealings, to bring Kingdom influence with any natural plan and certain power ways. 


How can God have healing rooms? Will God’s plan be implemented without a plan of conflict? What will church ways have in this way that will bring in major harvests? A church way will want to house the power of God in their own way, hoping that their way would be given power ways just by association. But God will not give major surgings to any other just based on their way of being in a structured religion-based setting. 


Organized religion will not govern the power surging. God’s power cannot be governed by any human or by details of development set in place with human authority. What can truly have God’s power and allow that power to go forward in its fullest strength? Yahweh will not give a governing of the surging into a local church way based on the level of surging that has to be maintained. 


Power in the Great Way will not ever be given out to humans over weekend circus dealings, nor will God’s power give a false plan that will be a faith healing movement that will give some doubt of true healing. God can heal in stages without being fake, but He also can heal with a full healing that can change a given way in any. Healing can be in a planned way, and healing can be spoken. Healing will not look the same way with the healing rooms in place. You have to look at the way that the Church way walks in. Millions make it based on reading a good healing plan. There will be great income that will be in decreased ways when God places up any healing room. 


How come others will not make a way to build up healing rooms? Will faith be in a needed way to get this way moved on? What kind of faith will be needed? It will not matter, for Yahweh will not need the faith that is based on human drinking. God will place healing ways based on having a plan that will be given, to have a way to infiltrate with a Kingdom purpose.


When He placed a tabernacle, there was His will to give a way to have a meeting plan with His creation. Then God came, in human flesh, to make a way to build a bridge that would reconcile man back to the Creator. That plan will still be a full will, as there is only one way to be in the Kingdom. 


You have to live in God’s Kingdom at the will that God gives. Take a look at the Garden of Eden: They walked with God and were in such unity that they did not fear a separated way. When they sinned, the Creator gave a plan based on a will to reconcile them back to His way, referring to all of mankind. Could God’s moving in the Garden of Eden still be a way that is still leading? Little Gardens of Eden throughout the whole world.

Cut the Root


Letter Four

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


You say, sir, that there is a major crisis that must be dealt with. Healthcare was always a major crisis, but this nation has thought of ways to cover what has been a very bad wound. People blame a race or an organization, yet they will not look at their own actions to see that you truly are made up of whatever you eat; this statement can refer to natural and spiritual food. 


The nation is very overweight. The majority of the human race looks nothing as what’s portrayed through media outlets. There must be a true shift where we deal with the root of the healthcare reformation. Let us say that you give healthcare to every person and let us also say that every person pays for it. There would be great peace, but not so. What will bring true peace with this “war”? Cut off the root of the poison that these people are eating. 


Many in this nation alone have major health problems due to eating a poor diet. Even I have eaten poorly and caused a major defect in a major organ needed. But God has full grace and is able to heal me when it is the season. What of all the junk food that is being fed? It is serious, and many give their young children all processed food, starting their way off to growing issues within their own way. 


What would give true freedom? Taking away some. That will sound like a tyrant gives this detail, but look at how God perceives it. You may complain and say you are very overweight, yet you go out and eat large fries with high calories and would be upset with how you look in your clothes. Self-esteem is not given in striving to look like a person on TV. Self-esteem is to know your true moving in purpose and to truly learn that the human body is meant to walk as a temple that carries Yahweh. 


What has this to do with healthcare? Everything. The Maker of the human should have a leading way in the way that you maintain His temple. That would sound as if God has a way to say that only His way goes. But doesn’t God know how the human body works best? That’s always better when reading the owner’s manual on how to take care of a product.


But God gives all a free will, to choose to come and submit to Kingdom order or yield to fleshly ways, where there will be a destructive will that would have a leading way. God can look inside your body and know what is precisely wrong. Why think God does not care when someone falls ill and dies? Consider that a person may have abused this temple to the place where it wore out and could not live any further. Should God have mercy just because a person is dying? Or should God raise any, just based on a person shedding a few tears in His way? God is not a human, yet the human will expect the God I AM to bend to every sick way and just heal based on human emotion.


Take care of your body. How could your way think you should get healed just for the Great King to be mocked? While you eat your many servings, take a look at how the price has risen to take care of so many sick who have caused damage to their own temple to God. Healthcare reform. You must get rid of the root. Anything can be too excessive, but take a look at this will: What if what you eat can slowly kill a nation? The will is to eat, but don’t eat foods that could clog up your system and cause you to be in dangerous health ways. 


I have a good idea of how eating poorly will cause you to have weight gain. Over a quick year, my weight has risen dramatically to the place where I double-check my scale. Where did it sneak in? Through a willing way to be filled with something that seemed so much better than God. 


So, all things will come back to worshipping God. Even health and insurance will take a plan of being reformed after putting God’s perspective first and following His way with no dishonor to His name. Cut the root.

The Kingdom is God


Letter Five

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


I can see that there will be a changing plan when others look at the Great Way’s plan to bring a change to the way government details are structured. Yahweh is a King, and His Kingdom truly is invisible. But you can have access to this invisible Kingdom and have it influence how you live naturally. Why were Adam and Eve placed here in the earth plan?


Adam had a way to give his will in maintaining, in structure, and the helper to give him strength and support was truly his partner, Eve. God gave them a command: to govern. God gave them a command: to eat. God gave them a command: to multiply. God gave them a command: to keep Him in their hearts as the one and only God or have a plan of suffering will that would take away relationship, power, and governing authority. 


Why did Adam and Eve move in close ways with God, then still fall? Think about that question. What does the heart of God say? Closeness will not take away temptation. Closer friends will not give you strength in battle when you ignore the level of strength that gives protection. 


Closer. Have a look at how the Church way is separated. How can unity be given when movings of their own plan will lead any future movement? Where does God’s Word state that one part of His nature can be accepted yet without the willing hearts of serving churches? God has many outlets for what is given, to bring in a great soul harvest, but without movings of power, what happens? An outreach for natural food would be given, but not a drink of the Great Holy Spirit.


How can the Church pride itself on how they plan when many want to drink of the Great King Jesus? How can there be a turning in the earth when the Church has no power? 


The power of the Great Helper is a needed part of reforming. The plan can be given. The workers can show up. But without Yahweh giving the power planning way, a level of striving will always have to be given to attain any goal set in place. Powerful God Jehovah has to give His way, in leading, to have a purpose, built into natural details that have Kingdom movings. 


Demonstrate the Kingdom. How can this plan begin when those in power think their movings have a way to lead even God’s will? So, what is God’s will? For what moving? Have a deep plan and drink that power will be needed to give Kingdom influence into any dealing that will give a way of hope and movings of freedom. It has to be truly a plan implemented and allowed in the full ways of structure—both with government and church ways.


Kingdom structure must have a leading way in all things in the full earth. But where will it become debated? Where the churches strive to get their own planning way in the stable work of God. But then there are times where God’s Spirit will have a human point out which way shall be given to walk out, in natural planning. Then, God’s Spirit must still give needed wisdom to bring His ultimate plan into the full earth. What plan does God have? To move in giving out the Kingdom into the full earth. 


The Kingdom is God. God lives in unseen movings. And when it is demonstrated, the two realms seem to merge and overlap each other. But the way of this natural world came from God giving His will and speaking it into natural ways, with a moving to reflect what cannot be seen with natural eyes. Living in natural plans will not reveal Kingdom plans. You will need a connection with God’s hidden realm, with power in Yahweh’s Spirit. 


How can the Kingdom of God overtake natural living? It is easy when there is a submitted servant giving the will in the Kingdom into natural planning ways. The Great King will take human vessels of all shapes and all colors and shall make yielded instruments who will give a King’s order into all realms, and the movings of structure will be built upon a foundation that cannot be shaken.


You have to see that Church ways have taken a Scripture and have caused great division and made their will lead in higher ways over God’s plan. The Church structure is not built on rules and regulations in how the person wears outside attire. God looks at a person’s heart to determine if He can move in their way and purpose their willing heart for Kingdom work.


When the Church way sees that their agenda has to be in line with Kingdom plans, the Church will start to reflect who they are in Christ, not in their social rating online. What will the nation’s leader be able to achieve in reading this letter? It would be clearer: There must be a surrender in the structure, to allow God’s plan and power to lead in all details in the Church structure. 


The Church is the Body of God. When will the detail be clear, even to Yahweh’s chosen people? 

Time to Clean


Letter Six

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


Is your road going to get easier if the people never bring up the nation’s major health bill? What plan will mend the true hurt that brings a major rift in this nation? A plan in this nation says, “Great freedom is given by doing whatever plan the people long to move in.” But what brings greater freedom than healing in body, soul, and spirit? I can say that this will not be taken well. Too much freedom will not bring true fulfillment. 


The pursuit of being a happy way has made this nation train in their binging ways, never having enough of anything that is given into their bodies. Can a nation heal when they don’t have their One True God to worship? How can there be a will in pleasing the people by giving such fake freedom to worship whatever you have as your own god? “To each his own,” some would say, yet many do not see how another person can greatly influence their own way of living.


So, if you say it is okay to drink a certain beverage, then is it okay for every person alive in your nation to drink this same beverage? What if that beverage is a drug-filled drink with addictive traits, keeping their loyal drinkers with a constant need? What if your new invention caters to those who are legally under the law’s acceptable age to partake?


Would you have the good judgment to follow a person’s invention based on a government voting system that uses flawed perception, which would, in turn, make that invention a binding contract for the nation to follow? It’s because laws, amendments, and additions are not based on guidance from the Great God, who can steer the nation with true seeing. 


Many blame the President of the United States for their own illness based on needing a figure separate from themselves, who would take their guilt and blame. What if each person changes who they worship and all take on worshipping the same God? “That does not truly seem fair,” many would say, yet the people will turn against a figure over their nation and blame him for the way they misused their own body.


They misuse their bodies in this way to indulge in whatever plan fits within that inner pain that can only be filled with a God who will be able to change things. They will need to know that there is a way to engage the God of the universe. The way to engage is in spirit and in truth. 


Will taking in salvation bring a change in the healthcare structure? Only if every person takes a moment to walk forward and enter this Kingdom of God. Sitting undecided on government issues will not change you. In reality, sitting undecided will change everyone who meets with you.


In the Kingdom, there is a different way to place up an order. God filters into His Kingdom citizens and causes their spirits to drink Kingdom purpose. There, in the spirit part of the person, God gives His purpose for each human. How? Through spiritual birth. Each person will learn, but each person will not engage after the introduction. 


What is your purpose, Mr. President? To heal a wounded person who uses their skin color to win a race battle. If the people let God heal them, they will stop looking to eat their way to fulfillment. If people will turn from the church rituals and drink straight from the River King Jesus, they will enter a true refreshing. If they, referring to any who feel a dark race, if they would humble themselves before God’s hand and let Him take them into healing, then the Black race would give out ways to heal.


Within the Black race, there is a racial battle against how light or dark the skin would need to be accepted. A battle rages within the person of a dark way; they cannot heal from how the White race has made the “white way” a leading way. Please have a look and see; I am a woman of three heritages. Many will not forgive what the White race did in slavery ways under the nation’s protection. 


These human laws are faulty. And with each amendment, another human plan leads how the people are to carry themselves. If the law were perfect, would there ever be additions to give freedom to each person’s heart? But what gauge is measuring the heart of the person voting? How can any human have a right heart without a Partner who can always give a consistent heart of what is better?


The Kingdom is maintained with Kingdom attributes, not whims. But if a politician would come and present ways to start removing toxins from the public, he or she will see a way to create a “black hole” geared to take in only the poison, leaving the human. If a prophet could hear God, would that nation give an ear?

The Race is On


Letter Seven

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


It’s time to consider this plan that is given. Please list your vote for the new presidential candidate. It is truly clear in my spirit that no one will be able to move the mountain of debt from its current standing. Who has trillions of dollars in the bank account? Maybe one small nation will have this nation borrow to take in a debt-free living in that plan. 


What are the leading candidates speaking? They are sharing their ways to give hope, but truly, is there really hope flowing from the lips of these hopefuls? What would bend the people? What would make a person vote on ballots and give one human the authority to bend nations and government heads? 


What is the going rate to buy a vote these days? Is it a promise to give to the community? Is that payment based on getting free tickets to the highest paying events? Will the voters say “Yes” and give a human delegated power over their living conditions just based on the party that carries the candidate? Should voting stem from the party’s name and logo? Is there a true justice system that may carry the weight of all that must be dealt with? How do you know what would be better just by the long list of promises offered as payment for the presidency? 


Where is justice? How can any vote on a detail that’s based on what party the candidate belongs to? Shouldn’t justice be given freely, without a label? Shouldn’t the rights of the innocent be protected just based on how the person is able to be maintained, even if on breathing ways with machines? Who is the perfect judge on the list of commissioned ones who would give leverage based on truth? So, the true need in the whole nation is a candidate who will move in giving out the truth even if it causes them to be hated. 


Then what is the gauge of truth? People use different measures of their own truth to know how to lead and also follow. What gauge is better? Should I make it seem as if there is always only truth spoken from my lips? I cannot state that, for I am constantly learning to gauge accurate truth based on a system that is in Kingdom order and principle.


God’s Kingdom carries the truth for all things, nations, and peoples. What can a Kingdom that is unseen carry into natural living? God can carry the weight without buying a vote for the presidency. God can carry the human. God will carry His chosen one; they stay firmly placed under His guidance, following His truth. A constant, committed way is requested of those who follow Christ. 


Have a way to look with true seeing. God created all that can be seen, but what is in the natural will not diminish the truth in God’s Kingdom order, which cannot be seen with natural vision. The wind, for example, cannot be seen. Yet, a great wind with powerful strength can bring massive destruction upon any land or natural habitat.


The wind cannot be seen with natural vision but still has a natural presence based on its effects wherever it takes up natural territory. An unseen destructive force such as a hurricane is able to alter natural landscapes. God’s power works in the earth in a similar way. You may not see it—how God is pushing a power-filled plan throughout the earth—but His plan in influencing the environment will have a major ripple effect on natural land, nation, or other forms of territory.


God has the right candidate for the hard part. God has the right candidate for the war part. God has the right world leader so that His purpose will come up into natural living. If all of the hearts of the people would turn to the true Source of peace, they will learn to wait and rest in God’s plan. 


I am fully aware that each letter will bring up greater ponderings in the citizens of this great nation. Never can any created thing made from the earth, breathed into a living being, say what would be truly better. What god you have created—it will never have the ability to guide you into all truth. Give me eight months. I will be ready to discuss these letters with you in greater detail, in person, Mr. President.

Final Stand


Letter Eight

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


I embrace you as this nation’s leader out of respect for the Great Planner King Jesus. He truly knows how the road of office living has been for you. Who can leaders truly drink truth from in this place of leading so many people? Who has the ability to fully understand the needed weight placed upon the shoulders of any who have been graced with great governing authority? Who has been there? Other leaders. But when the leaders have their disagreements or when it’s time to vote, the once friendly-based office networks fall away into getting “likes” for office positions. 


Power—it’s what so many long for, yet they are not ready to have that leadership position. What led you to take up this major plan in shifting government details? Have you always wanted to have a face that will always be remembered for trying to build on top of a mountain, laid there, in place by the ones before? When will the race actually end? When will you truly feel that you have succeeded in what purpose you were elected? 


You have succeeded. We can say this based on how you have shifted the whole nation. You have made it truly clear that one nation under God, here, is truly not given. You have made it clear that having full freedom to live, however, is killing the people. All can eat the heaviest junk food at their convenience. Take away this junk, and cancer will amazingly decrease to more than half. You want to help the nation. Help them with how they eat in this nation. Food is the obesity driving force for heavy medical and hospital assistance. 


Cut the root out first. Give this new training to all of the schools. Don’t take your hands off of those who turn of legal age. Train the young and old on how natural foods will be the way of health and longer living. Organic may not be the way for all, but note what’s killing the people. Note what’s causing major cancerous growths. Learn what the major fast-food chains are placing in their meats, and then step back and take a look at how the healthcare reformation is a band-aid relief. What must be done? A nationwide diet shift must happen. New dietary restrictions must be placed in all service orders. Learning to love the way you look—it’s much more than wearing certain outfits. 


The power to move in bringing major shifts has been given into your hands, and it’s time to have your final moving of words that will leave a legacy with the next leader entering this office you walk in. It’s a major plan to bring healing. Then you can reduce how much the families are paying when actual ways to reduce treatment are presented and fully implemented. Final stands, not warm words. The nation will learn how the body works. 

It’s Time for a Change


Yahweh helped Seersgate prepare this letter in a previous season that took way before the Year 2019, yet we updated the letter on June 3, 2022.


Letter One

Obama Era


Dear Mr. President:


Mr. President, your road seems very long and very hard. There is always a moment when you regret having made this major health care bill. But there is a great plan to take you from this mess. There is a great plan that would be able to shift the way details look in your government structure that would bring a specific order to withstand the strain and stand in this turbulent way.


Your government has been infiltrated by those who will use you to get ahead. They are greedy, looking for your money—referring to U.S. wealth and resources. What plan can you give to secure the current wealth and resources with the nation’s full backing in the details you seek in private meetings? Will it be through these dealings that can hurt one group while crippling another group?


How can this nation continue to pretend it moves in united ways? A title with the word “united” does not say there will be united ways, what you dreamed. A nation united in a common plan will not manifest without a way to deal with all root details left poisoned.


First, get rid of the people near you who have a motive that cannot be in unity with the ulterior goal. You seek those who will hear the truth while having those who give deceptive ways without any shame in those details. What about plans received from Yahweh, the Great Way King Jesus? Have you considered that He has a great goal that you could embrace in giving this nation a genuine hope that your staff in the White House will not write?


Have you considered changing out your administration to replace them with those who will be able to walk in Kingdom authority, with the Great Way living within, where they will actually be able to walk in Kingdom rule over their sphere of influence, in earthly details?


Have you considered that you should vote against this health care bill and look to a grander way of helping the people? What will be able to take care of so many people with these illnesses? What would be a powerful solution to your major dilemma? How can you expect to change the nation when you place other gods before the One True God named King Jesus? Repent, for He must rule within you so you will be able to make the better way in choices to help the nation.


Your earthly wisdom has failed. You must look with Kingdom vision to know what plan to follow through and embrace. Appoint people based on the King’s way—with a Kingdom authority. This position has nothing to do with Church and State, blending in a way to overrule the people’s will. It will bring Kingdom rule—only to change the details around you to reflect a way of living that would bring true peace, with other ways to impart deep healing.


God’s plan is also spiritual, and you are a spirit in a fleshly tent, with a soul that makes the decisions. Now it’s time for you to let your spirit take over—to follow the Great Holy Spirit’s counsel, to run the nation known as the United States of America with Yahweh’s backing. Isn’t that better? Who cares if you have to say you’re sorry for the mistakes you made. Say it, but then make it clear that you seek a more excellent counsel not given through earthly drinking.


Get counsel to run this nation but get it through the person who hears the Great Holy Spirit’s will. People already think you have failed them. This standing in the office is truly where a popularity vote can be discarded. Now give the One who created you a chance to show you His will in changing the nation so that there is a reflection of the King’s will in each detail.


You will be just well if the President chooses to yield to godly counsel from Yahweh, His way. Will you first accept Yahweh’s Spirit to live in you by taking King Jesus as your God and have Him forgive you of your wrong ways against Him? We all have sinned. We all have fallen and need King Jesus to wash us in His precious blood. Will the Great King move in you to help you lead this nation with His wisdom? It’s truly your choice.

Jesus is God Yahweh

The Great Holy Spirit is God Yahweh

Father God is Yahweh

You Must Be Born Again!

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