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May 2, 2024

2:08 p.m.


Seersgate begins:


I want to help you understand how I engage Yahweh. When I talk with Yahweh, we converse as if sitting beside each other. He is spirit, yet He speaks as if He were sitting in the room with me. Yahweh says words and tells me what to put on paper, and He gives markers (start and end placements) as to when a message begins and ends versus when I write down entries from general conversations.


When I talk with Yahweh, He doesn’t control my body or take away my thoughts and processing. I can ask Yahweh questions, and Yahweh will give His thoughts.


Some say they hear from Yahweh when, in actuality, they use a ritual known as Automatic Writing, which involves using demons to gain any spiritual gauging. Automatic writing reveals itself when a person is dictating a plan or writing down words, and a demon spirit is given permission to take over and cause the writer to lose free will, empty their mind, or blank out. This demon spirit can make a person unaware of their surroundings and unable to recall what they hear or write.


Sometimes, when a demon takes over in automatic writing, it can also let the person remain aware of their surroundings, but it takes over the writer’s hand, moves it for them, and writes down words on paper. Those who use automatic writing say it feels like a “force” is moving their hand for them.


But Yahweh does not engage me in this manner of taking over my way. Yahweh does not take over the functions of my hand or mind when conversing with Him. I retain the use of my hand and remain aware of my surroundings, and we converse with active thinking and reasoning. Yahweh speaks to me as if He sits next to me. Yahweh trained me this way since I was a young teenager. Over the years, off and on, He spoke, but later, after entering the training plan for the spiritual cave, Yahweh gave longer talks and engaged in more profound ways of yielding the spirit realm for me to adjust to.


Now in this way of preparation for world-level work, Yahweh speaks to me in the daytime and evening, through visions and dreams, while running errands or conversing with others. Yahweh does not wait for me to play “soaking/worship music” or get in a specific “space of quiet and separation.” Yahweh doesn’t make me speak louder or close my eyes when relaying His will. Due to the covenant work and the message that He places within me to give, we converse back and forth in this way of active engagement in real-time, having regular conversations.


Yahweh sometimes pauses while He says His will so that I can keep up. Since Yahweh talks anytime, day or night, I have fallen asleep in meetings with Him, and when He wakes me, I apologize, and we continue the conversation where we left off. Yahweh brings forward this way of engagement so that there will be a surging in following through with Yahweh’s plan to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ. This way of engagement continues to help me complete His work through His covenant.


Yahweh says it:


Now, let Me speak, servant. We trained a real prophet who will not be able to sit under a local church house, and due to this world-level message, you must stay in a way to hear Me in one-on-one, face-to-face meetings. And it is Yahweh who will bring proof to all Yahweh gives you to say. Yahweh can change a word given and break it down into an easier non-prophet placement so that the general reader will know what Yahweh says. 


This way of talking with Yahweh is not normal. You have a calling that requires this way of engagement. The way we converse is not a common element presented to the Church because the Church carries a blanket covering that hinders hearing Yahweh engage them as if living in the days of prophets of old. The early church apostles did not operate the Church using prophet traits, but Yahweh’s prophet office did not go away. And with a season of quiet, there will be that appearance as if Yahweh no longer engages or can push out prophet traits.


But Revelation isn’t centered on hearing the Church people. Revelation is a Book of prophet placement, bringing major judgments upon the earth. And there is a power placement of how judgments will pour out that requires an active office in prophet traits: from Yahweh.

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