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What if you could hear Yahweh talk with you as if He sits right near you? Seersgate deals with Yahweh in this way. These Conversations may include a selection of journal entries, compilations of teachings, messages, stories, and cultural interests. Hear what the Great Way is saying through these Conversations.

Why is Seersgate here?

Out of all the websites, why would we be any different? What's here at Seersgate? The realization that there is more than living the mundane way of the natural. We need the Great Holy Spirit - our Yahweh - to lead us. And every Christian church states a claim to have the right way to living a Kingdom order. What is here at Seersgate that is not given in other plans? A world-level prophet trained as a prophet of old, born out of the right timing to bring forward a new era called the Age of the Antichrist. This servant spent thirty years as a novice trained under Yahweh's care and will bring forward a Kingdom plan that will prepare the world for the return of Yahweh King Jesus. What proof should be offered? That proof through sign gifts is up to Yahweh, for Yahweh will have to present the servant Seersgate as His own. But while we wait, you should also pray to Yahweh. Let's see what He brings to the churches and throughout the world. 

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