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A Mini Introduction

November 13, 2023

9:18 p.m.




Let me introduce myself. My name is Susanna. Yahweh prefers to call me "servant" or "seersgate." I've been in a novice training season for over thirty years. At the young age of thirteen, Yahweh began to talk with me as if sitting next to me. I did not have to pray or listen to soaking music to hear Him. Yahweh began to share His will as if I was speaking with a friend. I have learned to hear Yahweh in many different spiritual environments, and it took me years to deal with levels of rejection. I am still hurting from pain-filled experiences, but I do hope that Yahweh is willing to let me continue to work in His service even with the weariness.




I love you too, servant. You will endure and enter Heaven. Isn't that important that we will be together forever? Let them hate you. With Yahweh standing with the work, it will endure.

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